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  • S3D cover

    s3d Live at Galatos AK07


    DVD and CD set. This release captures in sound and image impressive moments from a unique collaboration between 12 experimental instrument makers/sound artists.

    ACD 609 | more info

  • Sound Tracks

    Sound Tracks

    Phil Dadson

    A sequence of solo improvisations on a range of invented instruments, with track titles (Gloop, Peel the Unseen, To a Circular Mirror, Laced Cool) as intriguing and evocative as the instruments themselves...

    ACD 104 | more info

  • Composing Motion

    Composing Motion
    the sound of tangible motion sculptures

    Len Lye

    This CD makes available for the first time modern stereo recordings of the sounds of his sculptures, and provides an introduction to Lye's fascinating soundworld.

    ACD 305 | more info