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  • Corybas Cover


    New Zealand Chamber Soloists

    ACD 542 | more info

    John Psathas' music has achieved a wider public than is normally associated with contemporary classical music.

  • Solstice


    Leonie Holmes

    ACD 819 | more info

    Leonie Holmes is a renound musician and music writer.

  • Voice of the Soul

    Voice of the Soul

    Voices16 - Voices New Zealand Chamber Choir

    ACD 213 | more info

    Voice of the Soul, a journey of traditions, story telling and passionate music of the senses.

  • Alice


    Gillian Whitehead

    ACD 613 | more info

    Alice is the moving story of a woman’s fight for a new life in colonial NZ.

  • Lilburn


    Justine Cormack & Michael Houstoun

    ACD 913 | more info

    Four compositions for violin and piano, including 2 newly discovered works heard here for the first time.

  • Home is Where...

    Home is Where...

    Donald Maurice and Richard Mapp piano

    ACD 413 | more info

    "The title refers to Maurice's, deeply thought out essay on nationalism in music... Splendid performances and stunning notes makes this an excellent CD." - Ian Dando, NZ Listener

  • Estrella Tui

    Estrella Tui

    Two pianos / Eight hands

    ACD 313 | more info

    "Judy Lee, Somi Kim, Lorelle McNaughton, Cindy Tsao.

  • Arapātiki Gillian Whitehead CD cover


    Gillian Whitehead

    ACD 412 | more info

    Smaller-scale Whitehead, all pieces based on a single artistic theme – and featuring solo bassoonist Ben Hoadley.

  • cover artwork

    O Cambodia

    NZTrio & Tray So

    ACD 541 | more info

    3 Western classical musicians meet three traditional Cambodian musicians.

  • Notes From a Journey - New Zealand String Quartet

    Notes from a Journey

    New Zealand String Quartet (NZSQ)

    ACD 118 | more info

    Five brilliant modern pieces for quartet, made for the performers.

    Winner Best Classical Album at Vodafone NZ Music Awards 2011

  • cover artwork

    The Juniper Passion

    Michael F. Williams & John G. Davies

    ACD 243 | more info

    Three worlds collide in this moving tale of conflict, passion and betrayal.

  • cover artwork

    Angel at Ahipara

    Christopher Blake
    NZSO Strings cond. Kenneth Young

    ACD 441 | more info

    Dramatic string works, inspired by Robin Morrison images of Northland, performed by NZSO and Kenneth Young.

  • cover artwork


    Martin Lodge

    ACD 143 | more info

    Brilliantly performed chamber works by Martin Lodge

  • cover artwork

    Steep Steps

    Andrew Uren

    ACD 212 | more info

    Andrew Uren:

    “…outstanding bass clarinet music from New Zealand and elsewhere, in the solo, ensemble, and chamber concerto genres…”

  • cover artwork

    Douglas Lilburn Master Works for Strings

    Martin Risely violin with The Chamber Players of The New Zealand School of Music

    ACD 142 | more info

    Definitive performances of mainly unrecorded string masterpieces by Lilburn

  • Ritual Auras ablum cover

    Ritual Auras

    Karlheinz Company

    ACD 842 | more info

    This CD typifies the Karlheinz ensemble’s constant search for personality and character in over 30 years of contemporary music presentations.

  • A Bugle Will Do ablum cover

    A Bugle Will Do

    Anthony Ritchie, NZSO cond. Tecwyn Evans

    ACD 741 | more info

    Symphony No 3 is “…compelling, rhythmically dynamic and unashamedly honest” – Marion Poole.

  • Releasing the Angel album cover

    Releasing the Angel

    Eve de Castro-Robinson
    NZSO cond. Kenneth Young

    ACD 141 | more info

    William Dart, NZ Herald:

    5 Stars – “palette of many colours… primal percussion… a never-ending source of adventure.”

  • Octopus ablum cover


    Anthony Ritchie

    ACD 112 | more info

    Robert Johnson, RadioNZ ‘Critics’ Chair’

    “If I'm particularly taken with the string quartet, it has to be said that the other three works on the disc are also very impressive.”

  • cover artwork

    Douglas Lilburn - Violin and Piano Works


    ACD 941 | more info

    Elizabeth Holowell:

    "The music of Douglas Lilburn with its clear connection to both his teacher, Ralph Vaughan Williams, and to the landscape of his beloved New Zealand, is a delight and an inspiration."

  • Under the Surface, Peter Maunder

    Under the Surface

    Peter Maunder

    ACD 115 | more info

    Unusually beautiful instrumental combination of trombone and harp, plus the luminescent voice of Lisette Wesseling.

  • Charms & Knots by David Griffiths

    Charms & Knots

    David Griffiths

    "a cry from the heart" – Art song settings of poems by Charles Brasch, A.R.D. Fairburn and George Herbert.

    ACD 149 | more info

  • Decadence - Besser & Bravura


    Besser and Bravura

    Celebrating 10 years of Besser & Bravura recorded live at the Raye Freedman Arts Centre, Auckland, November 2009.

    ACD 409 | more info

  • Remember Parihaka

    Remember Parihaka

    Auckland Chamber Orchestra cond. Peter Scholes

    For their debut disc ACO and Music Director Scholes have recorded four of Anthony Ritchie’s smaller-scale orchestral works.

    ACD 129 | more info

  • Ahi


    The Ogen Trio
    with Peter Scholes and David Griffiths

    Dynamic performances of recent NZ works for piano trio.

    "Sublime and haunting" William Dart, NZ Herald.

    ACD 108 | more info

  • The Prodigal Child

    Michael Williams, Alan Riach

    Michael Williams' chamber opera, with libretto by Alan Riach, explores three souls in crisis - the setting is New Zealand but the story is universal.

    ACD 306 | more info

  • Complete Electro Acoustic Works

    Complete Electro Acoustic Works

    Douglas Lilburn

    Lilburn turned wholly to the creation of electronic works because he felt they would more accurately portray New Zealand in its own right. 4 disc set includes includes DVD...

    ACD 404 | more info

  • The Islands

    The Islands

    Christopher Blake

    First available recording of Blake's epic symphony "The Islands ", plus three dramatic tone poems...

    ACD 403 | more info

  • Pacific 3-2-1-Zero

    PACIFIC 3-2-1-ZERO

    From Scratch

    Parts 1 & 2 Live. An anti-nuclear performance recorded live June 1986...

    ACD 301 | more info

  • A Chaos of Delight

    A Chaos of Delight

    Eve de Castro Robinson

    Various Artists...

    A 9806 | more info

  • Fanfares for a New Millenium

    Fanfares for a New Millenium

    Auckland Philharmonia

    11 fanfares for the 21st Century: Blake, de Castro-Robinson, Rimmer, Palmer, Psathas, Meridan-Skipp, Elmsly, Buchanan, Cree Brown, Dadson, Hamilton...

    ACD 100 | more info

  • Puhake ki te rangi

    Gillian Whitehead
    with Richard Nunns taonga puoro

    Music for European and Maori traditional instruments.

    ACD 107 | more info

  • Piano Preludes

    Piano Preludes

    Anthony Ritche

    Premier recording of Ritchie’s 24 Piano Preludes, brilliantly performed by Sharon Vogan.

    ACD 504 | more info



    Helen Fisher

    Two song cycles, with words by Lauris Edmond and Wi Kuki Kaa...

    ACD 203 | more info

  • Mr Darwin's Dances

    Mr Darwin's Dances

    Jonathan Besser

    "You can smell the brine on the swaggering shanties, fiddle tunes and hornpipes"...

    ACD 200 | more info

  • Points in a Changing Circle

    Points in a Changing Circle

    Grant Cooper / Concord Brass

    Electro/Acoustic music for brass: Lilburn, Elmsly, Harris, Rimmer. With support from The Lilburn Trust...

    ACD 300 | more info

  • Kenneth Young Symphony

    Kenneth Young Symphony


    " ...arguably the most exciting New Zealand symphony I've heard."...

    ACD 300 | more info