ACD506 Rustic Revelry


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Rustic Revelry
Pepe Becker and David Morriss
with The Baroque Players

Rustic Revelry company

Pepe Becker – soprano
David Morriss – bass

Peter Walls – violin 1
Claire Macfarlane – violin 2
Fiona Haughton – viola
Richard Hardie – double bass
Penelope Evison – flauto traverso
David Cox – baroque horn
Douglas Mews – harpsichord
Euan Murdoch – violoncello

Bach’s rollicking Bauern-Kantate was first presented as a musical entertainment (or ‘intermezzo’) for Carl Heinrich von Dieskau, to celebrate his acquisition of the small settlement of KleinZschocher near Leipzig, on the occasion of his 36th birthday on August 30th 1742.

The pieces by Purcell were mostly composed in the early 1690s as incidental music for plays, with the exception of the solo bass song and also the two duets from King Arthur, one of his few actual ‘operas’.

  Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)  
1-24 Bauern-Kantate (Peasant Cantata / Cantate Burlesque) BWV 212 – Leipzig, 1742.
Libretto by Christian Friedrich Henrici (aka Picander)
  Henry Purcell (1659-95)  
25 Sound a Parley – sung by Cupid & The Cold Genius in “King Arthur” (1691) 27.44
26 As Amoret and Thirsis lay – from the play “The Old Bachelor” (1693)  
27 Dialogue: Fair Iris and her Swain – from the play “Amphitryon” (1690)  
28 Dialogue: Since Times are so bad – from the play “Don-Quixote” (1694)  
29 Dialogue: You say ‘tis Love – sung by young lovers in “King Arthur” (1691)  
30 Ah! How Sweet it is to Love – (sop.) from the play “Tyrannick Love” (1694)  
31 Bacchus is a Pow’r Divine – (bass solo song)  
32 Come, let us agree – sung by Cupid & Bacchus in the masque of “Timon of Athens” (1694)  
Total Duration 56.00