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Marbecks Sounz

“Sound crazy people vibrate to sound and this disc is for them; it’s got some of the sharpest astringent zings of sound that ever cut the air, maybe because it’s all made with doctor’s blade steel, some of it the sharpest. … All I know is that when it’s set up in motorized vibrating and shaking devices, and struck with strikers, it cuts a new sound groove.” Len Lye
(Program notes for an intended LP)

Composing Motion
Len Lye

Len Lye was one of the most innovative artists of his era. Based in New York’s Greenwich Village during the 1950s and 60s, Lye was a leading figure in the development of kinetic art. He designed and built a series of moving, sound-emitting sculptures that are breathtaking visually and sonically.

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