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Helen Fisher’s music gently convinces us that a creative marriage between Maori and western cultures is indeed possible. Her sound world is mellow and sensuous, with a natural organic flow driven by a quiet determination. When the players in her 1994 String Quartet intone a solemn Maori chant, we feel Fisher’s depth of commitment in her journey with Maori, and what’s more, we catch a tantalizing whiff of a new New Zealand Music.

Eve de Castro-Robinson


  The Enduring Spirit
1 Karanga
2 Ma Te Aroha    
3 Tau Ana Te Haeata    
4 The Gift    
5 New Zealand Company    
6 O Little One    
7 He Moteatea Ukaipo    
8 Wairau Lament    
9 Meditation
10 A New Garment
11 Kokiritia    
  The Wheel Turns    
12 Tempo    
13 I Remember    
14 More and More    
15 What Luck    
16 Girl, Leave Your Hair Down    
17 At My Window    
18 The Wheel Turns