Name Length
1 The Abiding Tides

Jenny Wollerman   New Zealand String Quartet

1 The morning is clear
2 A child at the rail
3 Time’s slow distant surf
4 Remember
5 This is a charm I wear
6 Attend what you must
7 Light
8 Nox perpetua

2 Songs for Beatrice: Making Light of Time

Jenny Wollerman   Jian Liu

9 As a child
10 To put it crudely, frankly
11 True romance
12 Neighbourhood watch
13 Moving on

3 The Floating Bride, the Crimson Village

A Chagall Song Cycle for soprano and piano

Jenny Wollerman   Jian Liu

14 A rooster is walking the bluest night
15 Tu es ma belle
16 The dancer
17 The ladder to the moon
18 The Rabbi
19 Give me a green horse
20 As the night
21 You can talk
22 I know the road
23 Like a scarlet lake
24 Mon Dieu

  • Genres

  • Making Light of Time
    Vincent O’Sullivan   poems
    Ross Harris   music

    performed by
    Jenny Wollerman   soprano
    Jian Liu   piano
    New Zealand String Quartet




    True Romance

    I Know the Road

Playlist (three tracks):