Name Length
1 Angel At Ahipara: I. The Angel Holds Vigil At the Grave 1:50
2 Angel At Ahipara: II. The Angel Sings Her Hymn of Voice 3:16
3 Angel At Ahipara: III. The Angel Makes the Spirit Soar 1:34
4 Angel At Ahipara: IV. The Angel Brings Joy 1:00
5 Angel At Ahipara: V. The Angel Calms the Storm 0:46
6 Angel At Ahipara: VI. The Angel Sounds Music from Heaven 1:10
7 Angel At Ahipara: VII. The Angel Holds Vigil At the Grave 2:11
8 Night Journey to Pawerenga: I. Gabriel Comes to the Prophet 2:13
9 Night Journey to Pawerenga: II. Flight to Jerusalem 2:41
10 Night Journey to Pawerenga: III. Spirits of the Messengers 2:09
11 Night Journey to Pawerenga: IV. Gabriel in Splendour 1:29
12 Night Journey to Pawerenga: V. Ascension of the Seven Paradises 1:25
13 Night Journey to Pawerenga: VI. The Revelation of God 2:40
14 Night Journey to Pawerenga: VII. Gabriel Descends At Pawarenga 2:07
15 Christ At Whangape: I. Introit 5:02
16 Christ At Whangape: II. Le retour 2:02
17 Christ At Whangape: III. La messe 3:25
18 Christ At Whangape: IV. Amare et Sevire 1:07
19 Christ At Whangape: V. Inoi Mo te Wairua 4:03
20 Christ At Whangape: VI. The Trembling Veil 2:18
21 Christ At Whangape: VII. Ake, Ake, Ake 3:36
22 Anthem On the Kaipara: I. By Sea 2:14
23 Anthem On the Kaipara: II. Oruawharo 2:17
24 Anthem On the Kaipara: III. Whenua Whai Rawa 1:39
25 Anthem On the Kaipara: IV. Pro Patria 2:47
26 Anthem On the Kaipara: V. By Sea 0:48
27 Anthem On the Kaipara: VI. Tomb of the Spirit 1:07
28 Anthem On the Kaipara: VII. Anthem 6:16
  • acd441-christopher-lge

    Christopher Blake


    Memorial Arch, North Kaipara/Dargaville area by Robin Morrison


    Church of St Gabriel at Pawarenga by Robin Morrison