Name Length
1 A Monodrama. On Board the S.S. Fifeshire

for mezzo-soprano and orchestra
mezzo-soprano Helen Medlyn

2 A Monodrama. Arrival in New Zealand 2:48
3 A Monodrama. Father and Daughter Exchange Letters 4:49
4 A Monodrama. Alice Discovers She Is Pregnant 4:05
5 A Monodrama. The Death of Alice’s Father 3:11
6 A Monodrama. The Death of Alice’s Husband 2:47
7 A Monodrama. Alice’s Return to the Farm at Makarora 4:17
8 A Monodrama. Looking Forward to a New Life 6:25
9 Karohirohi 13:31
10 The Improbable Ordered Dance 20:54
  • acd613-alice-fleur-Adcock

    Fleur Adcock
    Photographed by Caroline Forbes


    Gillian Whitehead
    Photographed by Gareth Watkins